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An emerging class of display applications include true augmented reality, requiring glass-like level of transparency, low power, high contrast ratio and fast switching speeds. Nodis is developing a novel display technology called DNP (dipole nano-particle) for low power, video-capable transparent displays. The proposed technology deals with rod-like nano-particles whose surfaces have such distinct physical properties that when placed in a certain suspension, the ends of the particles acquire opposite charges. Without voltage, the particles are randomly scattered and block light, creating a non-transparent state. When voltage is applied, the particles align along the electric field and the display becomes transparent.

Nodis technology of making smart glass of various colors based on suspension of proprietary color rod-like nanoparticles will disrupt smart glass market. Many new applications of smart glass in the areas of "comfort" market, architecture, interior design, automotive, airplanes, smart homes, etc. will be made possible with Nodis color smart glass technology.

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Nodis is developing a low power, transparent display for true augmented reality.